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My Chemical Romance

—Bulletproof Heart 20% faster


Bulletproof Heart - My Chemical Romance

So I was playing with this song on audacity, sped up the song and lowered the pitch and now it sounds like a cover by a different band!

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Laura Marling

—Hope In The Air


Why fear death, be scared of living,
Our hearts are small and ever thinning.
There is no hope ever of winning,
Oh, why fear death, be scared of living.

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Science Needs Women: 
For Women in Science; the L’Oreal Foundation 

I’m sharing this video on any platform I can because when I first found it last week it had something like 1,400 views, but it’s the most beautifully produced and succinctly narrated video addressing some of the most complicated issues facing women in STE(A)M fields I’ve found yet. 

I’m sharing this for every time I’m called a “feminazi.”

…for every time I’m told that my concerns aren’t valid, our that our issues are imagined.

…for every time I hear “women just don’t like science,” or worse - “women just aren’t good at science.”

…for every time we’re told that we can have a family or a career, but not both - and for every time we feel like we have to decide between the two.

…for every time a study comes out saying as many as 64% of women endure sexual harassment during field work

…for the fact that women earn 41% of PhD’s in STEM fields, but make up only 28% of tenure-track faculty in those fields.

…and because we need more women mentors in these fields to stand up for issues that are not “women’s issues” - these are people issues that affect our collective society as a whole.

The women in this video are my heroes and they should be your heroes, too.


Space on my sketchbook


Space on my sketchbook

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Krikor Jabotian Spring/Summer 2013 Haute Couture

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No evil by Analisa Aza

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Helena Bochořáková-Dittrichová. I read about this woman in Signals from Unknown: Czech Comics 1922-2012, Googled her, and found a HuffPo article had been posted 9 hours before my Googling. Good timing. It promotes the exhibit The First Woman Graphic Novelist: Helena Bochořáková-Dittrichová.

Gorgeous woodcuts.


Prints for sale!

I am selling one print of each of these images. They are about 39 inches x 27 inches and printed on matte paper. There have 6.5 inch borders on the top and bottom, and 8.5 inch borders on the left and right. 

They are not in perfect condition (some small smudges), but are in pretty good condition. 

Please contact me via e-mail at if you’re interested! Thanks for looking! :)


Centaurea cyanus heart 2014
aprox. 21cm X 15cm
pen over tracing paper


Centaurea cyanus heart 2014

aprox. 21cm X 15cm

pen over tracing paper


Yukari Kaihori